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Ye Dil Mera Episode 25 Review

This Is the slowest episode of Ye Dil Mera. As much as I do realize that not every episode can be happening but this one definitely had me checking out how much time was left for the episode to end because it seemed a little too slow with repeated conversations much. All the things they broadcasted in this episode were definitely needed but it lacked the result & the eagerness that Meer Farooq should’ve shown after he started learning more about Amanullah. All the reactions seemed subdued, however, the only actor that stayed true to the essence of his character was Ahad Raza Mir.

The Effects

Meer Farooq (Adnan Siddiqui)gained out more about Amaan (Ahad Raza Mir ). It is worth noting that all the details that he should’ve found out about Amaan before he handed over his daughter to a complete stranger were now coming to his notice. However, it does appear, people do make mistakes but considering that Meer Farooq was such a possessive father, this kind of rest from him does not make much sense. The author should have added a little more detailing & depth in this situation because she took a lot of time in establishing what Ana(Sajal Ali) expected to Meer Farooq. Even after Ana’s marriage, Meer Farooq distanced himself & the entire father-daughter relationship that used to be so powerful went down to the pipe.

yah dil mera stranger room

Ana decided to go to Daryabagh to prove to Amaan that her father is innocent? didn’t understand Ana’s idea right from the start & when I saw her locking & isolating herself in a room made me question her even more. How exactly is Ana going to prove her father’s innocence sitting in the woods & what exactly is she going to do to find the lost parts of the puzzle? While watching this episode, it also made me question why have Ana’s thoughts stopped recurring? That used to be a very significant part of her life which also shaped her personality, so it would’ve been much better if the writer had shown it sporadically as the story progressed because Ana did find solace in Amaan, but after she got married, he didn’t turn out to be as perfect as she imagined him to be, so she had all the more reasons to be scared & make triggered.

Amaan openly warned Meer Farooq, however, the whole scene made me wonder about the time difference between Islamabad & Daryabagh because when it was dark probably past 8 PM in Daryabagh, it was a bright sunny day in Islamabad & that time of the hour where Meer Farooq actually tried to get in touch with the police to seek help in locating Ana. I am sure they keep saving it for the last but why shouldn’t Meer Farooq be able to connect the points & why shouldn’t Amaanullah’s full name string the alarm for him just yet? Also, Meer Farooq must’ve heard from Ana about her visit to Daryabagh, so why didn’t it ring the alarm for Meer Farooq? The performance & the progress of the story has become a little slow with a few loose ends which definitely need some tying up at this stage.

Amaan proceeded to show his love for Ana. That’s true that all the emotions & feelings that Amaan felt for Ana were true & heartfelt. He didn’t need to, but he really fell in love with her but he is also faced with a difficult situation where despite wanting to, he can not make Ana believe the fact that he genuinely loved her. For Ana, it is obviously not going to be simple to put his allegations aside & see his honesty & sincerity but maybe after she will learn the truth about Meer Farooq, she will be able to see him for who he is & will understand that Amaan had his reasons!

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